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In the last four years I must have spoken to hundreds of families about the reasons why they decide to use cloth nappies, or why not! For most, the main barriers are lack of knowledge and misinformation so I have spent those four years trying to correct that.

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable volunteers I’ve been able to grow Suffolk Cloth Nappies to cover the majority of the county. SCN not only demo and advise families but also offer the opportunity to hire a selection of cloth nappies for free. You can find out more here: Green Suffolk



In the summer of last year I was offered the amazing opportunity to bring the distribution of Australian brand Bambooty Real Nappies to Suffolk. Obviously I jumped at the chance and now post cloth nappies and accessories all over the UK and Europe. I’m so proud to have been involved in not only increasing the awareness of cloth nappies in Suffolk but now offering the ability to purchase them locally too.

The larger media seem to have FINALLY got on board with the waste, in particular plastics, reduction message. Anyone who saw Blue Planet 2 at the end of 2017 will have been horrified by the effect our disposable lifestyle is having on our planet.


Source Green Suffolk


In recent years the waste in Suffolk has not been sent to landfill but rather the Energy from Waste centre however, the message remains the same: reducing the rubbish that goes in your bin and making more environmentally friendly purchasing choices are the best ways to make a difference. We don’t have to stop at nappies either, disposable wet wipes are another product where switching to a reuseable alternative has benefits not only for the environment but financially and for the good of your baby’s bottom.

As with all parenting choices it is just that, a choice, but I love nothing more than making this an easy one by providing individual help, advice and information. I’m extremely privileged in my work now with Bambooty to be able to do this around my girls and ever expanding #3 bump. It’s with real joy I send each parcel of reuseable nappies, wipes, nursing pads and all the other goodies across the UK and further afield, and with huge passion that I continue to spread awareness and help families make even the smallest of changes in the right direction.

If, whilst reading this, you think you might like to see what’s on offer, and what steps you could take towards making a real difference in the world, be that using cloth nappies or other reuseable alternatives, I’m ready to chat! I look forward to welcoming our children into a better world.

You can contact Victoria on to ask any questions.

About Victoria Proctor

Victoria Proctor is a mother of two, with another on the way, lives and works in Rendlesham. She currently distributes nappies for Bambooty Real Nappies and was previously co-ordinator of Suffolk Cloth Nappies.

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