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Local, up to date and current directory for baby businesses in Suffolk.

Getting To Know Your Business 

Do you have a shop front? Where are you based? 

I’m based in Ipswich, and am available for home visits for breastfeeding support to mums across Suffolk & North Essex. 

I hold baby massage classes, baby yoga classes and breastfeeding workshops in Ipswich, Brightwell & Framlingham. 

Tell me a bit about your business, what makes it special? 

I’m a midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Certified Infant Massage Instructor an am passionate about supporting mothers during the amazing transition to motherhood (the fourth trimester!). I’ve been working with mums and babies for almost eight years, and have  a little one myself, so I understand breastfeeding and life with a newborn from a professional and personal perspective. 

I offer in home breastfeeding support to mothers across Suffolk & North Essex, Breastfeeding Workshops for expectant mothers and their partners to give them all the knowledge they need to get breastfeeding off to the best start, and baby massage/baby yoga classes for mother’s and their little ones from birth until walking! 

How long have you been in business? 

Suffolk Breastfeeding & Baby Massage has just celebrated it’s 2nd birthday! 

What is your favourite part of being your own boss? 

I love the flexibility to work and also get all the benefits of being a (mostly!) stay at home mum and seeing my little one grow up. Due to the nature of my work, it’s not possible to just work 9am-5pm, and I’m acutely aware that when mum’s need breastfeeding support, they need it soon! So I work flexible hours not only to suit my family but also to suit the families I support, so they can access help when they need it. 

Do you offer products or services? Please give information about these products / services. In home breastfeeding support – I visit mums at home right from birth to provide personalised breastfeeding support. Each visit lasts approx 1 1/2 hours and we’ll observe a feed, weight baby, assess feeding and milk supply, discuss any queries mums and dads might have, and provide a full written breastfeeding plan and follow up. 

Breastfeeding workshops – held once a month, these two hour workshops with a small group of mums and dads to be, are designed to give expectant parents all the knowledge and skills they need to get breastfeeding off to the best start. They’ll learn how to establish a good milk supply, how to get baby latching on and feeding well, what to look out for in avoiding lots of the common problems and what to expect from a newborn. 

Baby Massage/Baby Yoga classes – taught using the International Association of Infant Massage program, these classes are suitable for babies from birth and incorporate baby massage strokes, songs, rhymes and sensory activities to provide a beautiful bonding experience for mums and babies and benefits that last a lifetime! Massage can help reduce colic & crying, ease wind and digestive discomfort, promote sleep and gut health and much more! 

What is your favourite product or service you offer? 

I honestly couldn’t pick one, but education has always been a passion of mine and I do really love teaching breastfeeding workshops and empowering parents to start a positive breastfeeding journey! 

If I want to hire you for your services, how can I do this/find you?

Visit, email or call 07498319230. 

Time to get a bit personal… 

What kind of family commitments do you need to juggle along with your business? How do you find balance? 

I am mum to an 18 month old little girl, who keeps me on my toes! 

What are your favourite tv shows, foods, or songs? 

Tv Shows – Suits, Line of Duty, White Collar

Foods – Thai & Vietnamese Food!

What can you be found doing when you have time off? 

Outdoors with my daughter – we love visiting farms and going on forest walks, cooking & baking – I spend time every week baking treats for the mums in my baby massage classes! 

What is your favourite place to get away to? And why? 

I love going back home to visit family and friends in Perth, Western Australia. The beautiful beaches, blue sky & sunshine are a must! 

And last but not least! Snog, Marry, Avoid: Mr Tumble, Mr Bloom, Mr Maker!!

 Can’t help you there – being from Australia I’ve actually never watched any of them! 

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The Baby Experts - All round crazy lady, owner of two businesses, two little people and a husband. I am one of those people who just doesn't stop. On both of my maternity leaves I have chosen to start up a new businesses with my new 'spare time'. Some may call me crazy, some may call me stupid but to me I am just me, take me as I am as I do anything for a hassle free life as I believe it is for the living and enjoying - grab it by the balls people as we don't know how long we have here!

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