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Local, up to date and current directory for baby businesses in Suffolk.

Getting To Know Your Business 

Do you have a shop front? Where are you based? 

I work from my home in Ipswich

Tell me a bit about your business, what makes it special?

Babyprints specialise in providing a hand and foot casting service for babies, children and adults. Unlike hand and foot casting kits, I do all the work for you – with guaranteed quality results every time. Babyprints produce beautiful bespoke framed presentations, stand alone statues and solid silver jewellery, I have something to suit every occasion and budget.

How long have you been in business? 

I have been running this business for 10 years 

What is your favourite part of being your own boss? 

That I can work around my family’s commitments 

Do you offer products or services? Please give information about these products / services. 

Every print is unique and you can select from a vast array of presentation styles and finishes to compliment interiors. Babyprints make a perfect gift for proud new parents and grandparents alike.  

What is your favourite product or service you offer?

I love every commission – each one is unique and special to that family.  

I especially take pride in producing beautiful keepsakes for families whose children are very poorly or have become sleeping angels.    

As a mother, I understand the need to have as many keepsakes as possible.  

If I want to hire you for your services, how can I do this/find you?

01473 602215 (w)

078 11447971 (m)    

Time to get a bit personal…  

What kind of family commitments do you need to juggle along with your business? How do you find balance? 

I have no family support so I have to fetch and carry my children to and from school and to every after school activity that they do.  

They are both very active boys and do a lot!

I would never be able to do this if I was in ‘paid’ employment.

What are your favourite tv shows, foods, or songs?

I love TOWIE – it is my guilty pleasure!

I enjoy BBC and ITV dramas – they are so good.  

Rod Stewart and Ed Sheeran are my two favourite singers!

I must say, I enjoy most foods –  especially with a glass of wine!

What can you be found doing when you have time off? 

I go the gym and I enjoy reading.

What is your favourite place to get away to? And why? 

I love Cyprus.  I am guaranteed sunshine and anyone who knows me knows that I love the sun!

And last but not least! Snog, Marry, Avoid: Mr Tumble, Mr Bloom, Mr Maker!! 

Snog Mr Bloom

Marry Mr Maker ( he could get all those DIY jobs done for me)

Avoid Mr Tumble

About Vicky Barbour-Andrews

The Baby Experts - All round crazy lady, owner of two businesses, two little people and a husband. I am one of those people who just doesn't stop. On both of my maternity leaves I have chosen to start up a new businesses with my new 'spare time'. Some may call me crazy, some may call me stupid but to me I am just me, take me as I am as I do anything for a hassle free life as I believe it is for the living and enjoying - grab it by the balls people as we don't know how long we have here!

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