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Getting To Know Your Business 

Do you have a shop front? Where are you based? 

We have an office in Colchester.

Our lessons are run in 11 different warm water and hydrotherapy  pools across Suffolk and North East Essex.

Tell me a bit about your business, what makes it special?

Water Babies is special because it has the knowledge, expertise, innovation and professionalism of being the  world’s biggest baby and toddler swimming company  (teaching over 52,000 babies each week across the globe) . 

At the same time you received a personal service from a family run business as the company is split into over 55 franchises.

Water Babies in Suffolk and North East Essex is run by Bex and Ian, who started Water Babies with their eldest son 10 years ago. All of our highly trained teachers have also been (or still are) Water Babies parents with their own children.

How long have you been in business? 

Water Babies was founded back in 2002. We have been running the business for just over 3 years.

What is your favourite part of being your own boss? 

The main advantage is that I can usually mould my day around taking my children to school and picking them up at the end of the day. This often means I work late into the evenings and at weekends but I am there for them when they need me.

Do you offer products or services? Please give information about these products / services. 

We offer weekly swimming lessons for babies  and toddlers. The Water Babies programme is divided into 17  Chapters, each one progressing on from the one before. 

Babies can start with us  in Chapter One from birth in one of our hydrotherapy pools, and from 12 weeks or 12lbs in weight in our warm water pools (the NHS confirms there is no need to wait until after immunisations).

You can carry on swimming with us right the way through the chapters until they reach the end of Chapter 17, usually just before your little one starts school.  At this point they will have achieved or be working towards their Swim England badges and certificates.

We also offer underwater photography, holding an underwater photoshoot  towards the end of each term. Attendance at the underwater photoshoot is complimentary for all chapter one babies as part of their Chapter One Package.

In addition we have a Water Babies shop, that stocks everything you will need for your lessons, as well as the toys used in classes and other bespoke Water Babies products.

What is your favourite product or service you offer? 

As much as I love our underwater photographs (I have a wall full of the photos of my children swimming under the water), our main motivator is to teach babies and toddlers to swim – so it has to be our lessons.

From a mum’s point of view – 30 minutes  of uninterrupted time in the water  each week with my baby is pure bliss!

If I want to hire you for your services, how can I do this/find you? 

You can contact our  friendly office team by calling 01206 841126 or emailing us at

You can also find out more information  on our website or on our facebook page

Time to get a bit personal… 

What kind of family commitments do you need to juggle along with your business? How do you find balance? 

The usual commitments that come with a young family (my children are aged 11, 7 and 1)….school runs, forest school, football, swimming lessons (of course), tennis lessons etc etc. I am amazed we usually all get to the right place at the right time!!

It can be tricky running a business at the same time as raising a young family…..but we manage. 

What are your favourite tv shows, foods, or songs? 

I love having a Chinese takeaway. I don’t enjoy cooking so this has a double bonus – lovely food and I don’t have to cook, Happy Days.

Ironically, I enjoy watching The Great British Bake Off – despite my dislike for cooking and baking myself.

What can you be found doing when you have time off? 

Every Sunday morning we go for a swim as a family – just for fun!  We usually then head to our local pub for brunch – swimming always makes me hungry!

What is your favourite place to get away to? And why?

My favourite place is North Devon. When I was a child we always used to go to Saunton Sands for our holidays. I  have loads of happy memories of family holidays there. I love bringing my own children there now to watch them paddle in the sea and play in the rock pools just like I used to.

And last but not least! Snog, Marry, Avoid: Mr Tumble, Mr Bloom, Mr Maker!! 

Avoid them all. Yep…..definitely avoid!

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