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Local, up to date and current directory for baby businesses in Suffolk.

Getting To Know Your Business 

Do you have a shop front? Where are you based? 

I am based in Stowmarket but travel 45 mins in all directions as standard. I can go further if required and arranged.

Tell me a bit about your business, what makes it special? 

I only offer 121 courses with couples in the comfort of their own home, allowing for a relaxed and private atmosphere, and at a convenient time. This means I can build a relationship of trust very quickly with birthing couples.

I personalise courses to individual experience. I am able to do this as I offer a telephone consultation prior to the course starting to gather information that will help me tailor the course. 

I also used reflective personal experiences to help individuals who may have experienced loss or trauma during their pregnancy and birth journey.

How long have you been in business? 

I qualified as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner, gaining a diploma accredited by the Royal college of Midwives, in August 2016 and have been  working with couples ever since.

I am currently on maternity leave with my second baby, but looking forward to working with couples again in 2019.

What is your favourite part of being your own boss? 

Offering Hypnobirthing courses is a job I choose to do on top of a day job. It means I can choose how much I work and where I work. I have the freedom to work with whomever I would like to. 

I really enjoy the flexibility that comes with having your own business and also being creative with content.

Do you offer products or services? Please give information about these products / services. 

I currently offer:

A 12 hour 121 Hypnobirthing class

A 4 hour intensive 121 hypnobirth class

With each class you get 9 guided relaxation tracks and also relaxation (labour) music.

Both delivered in the comfort of the birth couples home. 

What is your favourite product or service you offer? 

Any interaction and opportunity to work with a couple to help them to achieve the birth they would like!!! 

If I want to hire you for your services, how can I do this/find you? 

I am currently on maternity leave but taking enquiries for 2019 births.

I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my website or directly on or 07740334391

Time to get a bit personal… 

What kind of family commitments do you need to juggle along with your business? How do you find balance? 

I have a day job working in a new start up not for profit business. I also have a nearly 5 year old and a 6 week old. I also volunteer for an attachment parenting group facilitating meetings twice a month. I am on my daughter’s school PTA and my husband works shifts!! So there is a lot to juggle.  Being organised helps but also knowing when you need to you say no or take a step back. I would hate to over commit,  so I would rather be honest if I was unable to work with someone. 

What are your favourite tv shows, foods, or songs? 

I love cooking shows (I’m a sucker for Nigella Lawson) and can happily have the food network channel on in the background all day. I love Gilmore Girls and Buffy (I’m still a child at heart) and of course  I probably know all the Friends episodes off by heart!

I adore baking but since baby number 2 has arrived, I haven’t managed much. I generally love to eat and explore new foods and tastes. I love to eat out- but not sure when I will be going to a posh restaurant anytime soon! 

I’m very eclectic when it comes to music but a rock chick at heart. And that’s all types from classic to dirty to stadium to Swedish satanic metal (seriously).

What can you be found doing when you have time off? 

Snuggling my children or trying to catch some zzzzzzzs. 

When the children are old enough and not nursing, I do enjoy gigging with my husband.

What is your favourite place to get away to? And why?

Anywhere with my little family- preferably with no mobile signal! 

And last but not least! Snog, Marry, Avoid: Mr Tumble, Mr Bloom, Mr Maker!! 

Snog- Mr Maker (I’ve met him, but not snogged him,  yet)

Marry- Mr Bloom.  But as Mr Bloom of course,  not Ben Faulks.

Avoid- Mr Tumble. Sorry, my oldest is too old for him now and I’m so happy to not have to hear his voice!

About Vicky Barbour-Andrews

The Baby Experts - All round crazy lady, owner of two businesses, two little people and a husband. I am one of those people who just doesn't stop. On both of my maternity leaves I have chosen to start up a new businesses with my new 'spare time'. Some may call me crazy, some may call me stupid but to me I am just me, take me as I am as I do anything for a hassle free life as I believe it is for the living and enjoying - grab it by the balls people as we don't know how long we have here!

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