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Feature Friday, Grace Lucas, Little Works of Art Photography


I have a lovely studio on Newmarket High Street.

Little Works of Art Photography offers fine art Newborn, Baby and Maternity portraits, with the aim of creating fully finished, beautiful Art Pieces. As I specialise in capturing only this special time, I have lots of experience with these sessions and, as a mother myself, I know what it’s like to be a new parent. I offer a full service experience, so I really like to build a relationship with my clients rather than just meet them once at their portrait session and then email over their files. My clients meet with me before booking to see if we’re a good fit and I even hand deliver their Art Pieces to their door.


A little over 3 years. I started Little Works of Art when my eldest had just turned one and I think that’s why I still aim to capture from pregnancy baby’s first first birthday. I could use hindsight to see how quickly that time goes and how special it is.


Being able to decide which direction to take my business in, so that I can spend my time doing what I’m passionate about.


Both! I offer Maternity, Newborn and Baby Portrait Sessions and I have a beautiful range of curated Art Pieces – Wall Art, Albums and Print Boxes.


My favourite session type has to be Newborn – I’m always so privileged to be trusted with such tiny, precious people, and I just love being around them. It’s always lovely to talk to new mummies and daddies too and see the awe and love they have for their little one. I can’t choose between my wood mounted Wall Art Pieces and my luxurious Albums for favourite products! They both serve quite different purposes but are equally stunning.


Head off to my website and fill in the contact form to arrange a free consultation (basically a chat and a cuppa!)
Time to get a bit personal… 


I have a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy. Thankfully I have a fantastic other half and mum who help me find balance, but I certainly can’t say I’ve perfected it!


I’m really enjoying Crazy Ex Girlfriend at the moment. Other TV favourites include Call the Midwife, The Handmaid’s Tale and Stranger Things. I’ll eat anything sweet, I also love curry and broccoli. I’ve too many favourite songs too mention, but I gravitate towards George Ezra lately (He’s often in in the background at my Baby and Maternity Sessions!)


If it’s time off from work – spending time with my kids. If it’s time off from both work and kids – as little as possible!


I love Centre Parcs and try to get away there at least once a year, but anywhere with lots of trees for a long walk is perfect.


I’ve spent far too long mulling this one over – I think I’ll have to go with snog Mr Bloom, marry Mr Maker and avoid Mr Tumble…

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