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As a teacher of The Wise Hippo birthing programme I quite often get pregnant couples attend my courses who are pregnant for the 2nd, 3rd and once even the 4th time, and this time they have decided they want to be the ones in control, the ones to make the decisions on the big day.

Theres seems to be this thinking that as many hundreds maybe even thousands of women are all giving birth every day all around the world with you, that as a pregnant women I will just wait and see what happens on the day, because many women have given birth before me and things were all ok.

For these women one of two things may happen, the first is that they may get lucky, they’ll have a quick and relatively drama free birth, the other side of the coin could be a long labour, an induced labour, a breech baby, forceps, epidural who knows.

As a first time mum, please don’t leave your big day to chance. A difficult birth experience can stay with you for a very long time, please don’t bury your head in the sand and wait and see what the day will bring.

Now I have always said that I don’t care how you wish to give birth, wether that be in a hospital, home or even in a forest. I don’t care if you want no drugs, all the drugs or to give birth via Caesarian. I really don’t care.

What I care about is that you head into that day prepared for anything that could happen. I want you to be able to confidently question the medical professionals so you fully understand why a certain procedure may be being suggested, and to be empowered enough to say no thanks if the suggested procedure isn’t right for you at that moment.

I want you both to be able to stay calm, relaxed and in control of the birth environment, I want you to ride those birth waves without them drowning you. I want your birth to be one you look back on with pride and joy.

I always say to people that giving birth is quite like running a marathon, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t run a marathon without doing any prep work in the run up to it. You need to be aware of your options, your choices, you need to be mentally ready for the task ahead of you, make sure you have the tools and techniques ready to break through that barrier and achieve the right birth on the day.

As a Wise Hippo Birthing Programme teacher I will teach you all about your body and how it works, how the body doesn’t feel pain (the brain does!!) and how any form of stress, worry, fear on the day will stall your labour. I will teach you all the tools and techniques you need to stay on top of your labour and I will also be teaching your birth partner how they need to look after you on the day, you worked as a team to get the baby in there, you are definitely going to be working as a team to get the baby out!

Please feel free to contact me on for a chat about your up coming birth or take a peek at my website for more details.


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The Baby Experts - All round crazy lady, owner of two businesses, two little people and a husband. I am one of those people who just doesn't stop. On both of my maternity leaves I have chosen to start up a new businesses with my new 'spare time'. Some may call me crazy, some may call me stupid but to me I am just me, take me as I am as I do anything for a hassle free life as I believe it is for the living and enjoying - grab it by the balls people as we don't know how long we have here!

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