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Your pregnant!!! A new exciting journey has begun! The anticipation grows as you near your due date, you are full of questions…

What is your little one going to look like?
Will they have loads of hair?
Who will they most resemble, mum or dad?
How big of bags will I have under my eyes?
What do I still need to get?
Will I ever sleep again!?!?!?!?!

The questions are endless, well they were for me at least! Even the second time around.

One thing that you shouldn’t have to ask a million questions about is how to choose the right newborn photographer for you! There are so many photographers out there and that is great because it means that there is a right photographer for everyone, no matter your budget.

I want to help you through the many choices that are out there!

My number one piece of advice, is pick up the phone and call them!  You can read all about people, what they do and their services, but I personally think you get a great sense if they are going to be the right fit by picking up the phone and speaking to them.

Some photographers offer a consultation prior to booking them, I personally love to sit down with potential clients over a coffee either at my studio in Lavenham or at their favourite coffee shop (even if that is their house). Take advantage of that, they are offering this service so that you can ask any questions you have and to ensure that they are the right fit for you.


You want to make sure that you like the style of their work, do you want to have props, a lifestyle session or posed but minimalistic. Photographers tend to have a certain style and often gravitate to what they are best at. My style is baby focused, I do not tend to use a lot of props in my sessions. By looking at their work online you should be able to get a feel for their style.


Quality vs quantity

Why is this important? Your baby is never going to be that little again and as much as we think we will remember all the little details, we inevitably forget. Now this will not be the view of everyone, but I personally would rather have a smaller selection of images that are posed and edited beautifully than loads of the same pose/angles and poorly composed/edited.


This is important, you are handing your baby over to someone for at least 3 hours, you want to be able to relax and know that your baby is in safe hands. Now, you need to know that there are no official regulators of training. So, if there are no regulations why is it important that a newborn photographer is trained?

Training sessions teach the safest way to pose your baby, how to keep your baby comfortable and teaches which poses need to be shot as a composite (this is when two separate images are combined as one, see the example below).

Another benefit of using a photographer that has invested in training is that they are committed to continually grow to give the best possible images to their clients. Training provides photographers with the knowledge on fine tuning poses, lighting, etc.

What else should you consider when choosing your photographer?


You might be thinking that you just want the digital versions of your images, but if you don’t want the hassle of sourcing a canvas, framed prints or an album, then the following advice applies to you.

It is so important to look at their product offerings, do they offer the products you want?

If not can they source the products for you. The plus side of having an in person consultation means that you can see and feel the products they offer, so you can make sure the quality meets your standards and that they are going to stand the test of time.

Many photographers offer in person viewing sessions, you might think these are high pressure sales, and while that might be true of some, the majority genuinely want to guide you through the products they offer to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want. Plus, it takes the hassle of ordering products yourself, if you are anything like me you never get around to ordering that canvas or framed print for your wall. Let alone sitting down to design an album!

Photography has changed and it is so much more than just going to get photos taken, it should be an experience you look back on and have happy memories not regrets. So, don’t just book a session based on price, make sure you are comfortable with the photographer you choose.

Shameless plug alert…..

Obviously I’d love to work with you so if you want to sit down and chat over a coffee about your photography needs drop me a line at

Congratulations on the exciting time ahead!


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Erin is a mum to two boys (age 10 and 4 months), business owner, traveller and crochet nerd. Orginally from Canada moved to the UK over 16 years ago. She is the face behind Erin Freeman Photography.

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