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A newborn photography session is the first portrait you will have taken of your beautiful new bundle. These sessions are essential for capturing those tiny little details of your new baby. Those little things about them that change so quickly you literally only remember them by looking at photos.

Your newborn photographer will be able to capture beautiful images of your new baby in a range of different poses. It’s important to ask if your photographer is trained and knows how to work safely with newborns. I will be handling your baby less than two weeks after birth and therefore I insist that safety and comfort is paramount during the shoot. As a mother of two I know this would be something I would look for in a photographer.

When looking for your newborn photographer, don’t just look to see if you like their work, that’s important of course but you also need to like them. If you feel a connection to or like the way someone interacts with you then they will probably be a good match for you.

If you’re just a little unsure please call them or request meeting before scheduling your session. I’m happy to chat on the phone or meet with anyone in my studio prior to them booking, I will after all be handling your baby and you need to feel comfortable with me doing so.

When shall I book my newborn photography session?

With most photographers you can book your newborn session after your 20 week scan, in fact many recommend that you do so. I take bookings from this time onwards, I also keep a few dates open each month for those that don’t mange to book their session prior to baby arriving.

How long will my newborn photography session last?

Newborn sessions can be rather lengthy, lasting anything from 2-4 hours. Yes you read that right! All of my newborn sessions are baby led. If your baby needs to feed we stop to feed, if baby needs to be settled we settle, if baby doesn’t like a pose we don’t do it.

Siblings, do I bring them?

Yes of course!! I love it when big brothers/sisters come to a session. I love to see the new bond that’s beginning between them, the proudness at being the eldest & having responsibilities & the cheekiness that comes sometimes too.

Do I need to be in the photographs? 

Everyone likes to look their best when having their photo taken so I completely understand if you’re thinking that it would be too early after giving birth to have your photo taken.  I can totally relate, but do please at least consider it. Those special images of you (and your partner if present) interacting with your newborn are so amazing and you may regret not having any professional images of you and your newest family member.

What’s the best age for photographing my newborn?

Babies of all ages are wonderful to photograph and it is sometimes possible to get those sleepy, curled up, newborn type images from some babies that are a little older (during those very first few weeks) but generally speaking, for the newborn images that we all love so much, the best time to photograph baby is between 5 and 14 days of birth.

What if my baby is older than 14 days and I’d like to book a session?

I love to photograph babies of all ages and every age is so special and unique that we are sure to capture some special moments in time at any age. If you however were hoping for those sleepy, curled up newborn images then you may have missed that opportunity if your baby is older than 14 days.

If you have missed the newborn stage you may want to wait until about the 6 month mark when your little one achieves their next milestone – sitting up! This is a great age full of smiles a plenty and lots of cheekiness. If you’re interested in capturing all the major milestones you may also decide to celebrate baby’s first birthday with a cake smash and splash session or family shoot.

As you can see, newborn images are priceless. I make sure your session is unique and all the props and the set ups I use meet your needs. I pride myself on ensuring your photo shoot will be a relaxing experience and your baby will feel safe and comfortable, leaving me to capture their precious first days.

These are moments that aren’t going to come around again. To book your beautiful little one a newborn session or for more information on booking any milestone session please do get in touch via phone or email today.

Cally x




About Cally Soar

Specialising in newborn and baby photography but also capturing memorable moments of children and families too. With many years experience I offer a friendly and personal service with a range of stunning props and transparent pricing. Your photo shoot will be a relaxing yet fun experience leaving you with beautiful images to treasure forever.

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