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“From the moment we walked in, Kimberley was so inviting and personable.
The session was well organised, fun and full of great ideas that kept my 5 month old totally mesmerised through out. We also picked up some great tips to take away with us to carry on the sensory experience at home. We cannot wait for the next session”. – Catherine & Keith

“We have recently started the Little Explorers classes and they’re already a highlight of our week. The activities and themes are well thought out, and enjoyable for both the adults and babies. There are also plenty of ideas for activities we can try at home. We’re looking forward to our next class!” – Emily

“Little Explorers is without a doubt the best baby class I attended with Connie, my only sadness is that we0 didn’t start earlier! Kimberley is a brilliant class leader and each class always had a lovely theme so no 2 weeks were ever the same. I’m pregnant with no.2 now and will be signing up for Little Explorers again as soon as the baby arrives!” – Rachel