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Thank You!!

When I found out I was pregnant early in 2016 I was actually more fearful than I was the first time round, for the past 3 years working as a teacher of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme I had heard and read about some pretty horrific births. This time I knew too much, but on the other hand I also had a huge understanding of my body, how it works, and what my rights were.

On top of that I knew I had a huge inside out knowledge of the programme I taught to women every week, and I knew that the programme works and helps you to achieve the right birth on the day.

For weeks I toyed with whether I thought it was best to be naive to everything or whether it was best to know what could happen during birth. It took me this time to realise that I had lived and breathed positive birth for years and that if anyone could have the right birth on the day it was me.

Planning got under way for my birth, I’ve known since my last birth that if I was ever fortunate enough to get pregnant again that it would 100% be a home birth this time round. I hate hospitals and know that I do not feel safe in them, quite simply there isn’t a worse place for me to give birth than a hospital!

I have to put my hand up and admit my first instinct was to free birth, I was worried that my birth plan would be picked apart and slowly thrown out the window for not adhering to my local hospital trust policies, I was worried that I would have a midwife that I didn’t warm too, I was worried that I wouldn’t achieve the home birth I wanted and I was worried that I wouldn’t be listened to when I was in labour.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. So for the lovely Gainsborough midwives at West Suffolk Hospital, I thank you…

Thank you for not reading my birth plan and rolling your eyes at the length of it, when quite simply all it needed to say was ‘leave me alone when I’m birthing’.

Thank you for listening to me when I explained why I didn’t want any vaginal examinations and Thank you for telling me when you first arrived when I was in labour that you weren’t going to do one, instantly putting my mind at ease.

Thank you for listening to me when I told you I would never agree to my waters being broken.

Thank you for not questioning me when I declined being weighed half way through my pregnancy.

Thank you for trusting that I knew my body and respected my wishes to not be offered induction purely for the fact I was over due.

Thank you for believing in my body as much as I did, when my waters had broken over 24 hours earlier and you listened to me when I asked for one more night of labour before I would consider induction.

Thank you for having my back, thank you for being there but allowing me and my baby to do what we needed to do on the day in peace and quiet, quietly being observed but not getting involved in the process.

Thank you for respecting me, my baby and my body.

Oh and thank you for not flinching when I said I wanted to keep my placenta! 😉

Ladies, its normal to have fears when you are pregnant, making sure you know what you want and what your rights are will help you achieve the right birth on the day. The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is soon to also be taught in my local hospital, West Suffolk Hospital and I couldn’t be happier, I trust and believe in this programme to give you the knowledge you need to help you in your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I currently teach the programme in the comfort of your own home, please see my website for more details.

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