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Local, up to date and current directory for baby businesses in Suffolk.

THe baby experts TERMS & CONDITIONS

Just a quick few T&C’s to make sure that The Baby Experts continues to be the most up to date directory for Pregnancy, Birth, Baby and Beyond businesses in Suffolk. 

1) The Baby Experts will email you every 4 months asking you to confirm that your business is still running and asking you to check that all your details on the website are up to date and that nothing has changed. 

If we do not get a reply to this email we will presume that your business is no longer running and we will remove you from the website. 

2) We do not run our directory in an alphabetical order, we place businesses at the bottom as they sign up to advertise with us. If we remove you from the website for any reason and you re-sign up to us you will be added to the bottom of your category on the website. 

3) We are running a special offer from 9th October 19 – 9th October 20, after this time any businesses who have signed up to our special offer are free to leave or can sign up to continue on advertising with us. (rates will start at £1 a month billed annually) 

4) We pride ourselves on having a great community of businesses under our roof, we work hard to ensure that there is no nastiness or ill feeling amongst the community. If we hear of any of this going on directed to myself or any other member of the community we may remove you from the website and group.