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I was always aware that going from the one monkey to two monkeys was going to be a tad tricky, but I have to say I never thought it would be as difficult as it was.

Now, I think me and my husband thought we were being clever by leaving a good 3 year age gap between the monkeys, I think we were mad to think this! Arthur had us all to himself for so long that when the latest money arrived it really shook his world.

The jealousy that reared its ugly head if I held Hattie for longer than to feed her was insane, we could tell he loved her to absolute pieces but missed having us to himself and would often lash out at her or us, he would do all sorts of things he knew he wasn’t allowed to do as any form of attention be it good or bad was attention on him and not her.

So me being me off I tootled (around the internet) looking for ways to make life a little easier, and some of these things have been real life savers that have absolutely saved my sanity at times.

Most of these ‘top 5 things to buy when expecting’ have the usual junk that a year after buying you realise you just didn’t need. This list of products are an absolute must. Don’t buy the nappy bin, don’t spend thousands in the baby shops on a matching nursery bundle, buy everything on this list instead, you will thank me for saving your sanity.

1) Whoosh Machine.

This first one isn’t a recommendation for what it is advertised as doing but more for something else. This contraption that in our house we call the ‘Whoosh machine’ has been great. Yeah it does its air purifying malarky but what it also does is make a ‘whooshing’ noise and we use one every single night in both the kiddo’s bedrooms.

This whooshing noise blocks out almost everything, especially this time of the year when the neighbours are out mowing their lawn at bedtime, or the ice cream van rocks up as you are reading them their bedtime story or the birds wake up at 4am!!!

What it also blocks out is the sound of the crying baby, waking up for a cuddle/feed/bum change on the hour every hour, your eldest child will be oblivious to you having been up in the night as this machine blocks out the noise. Also on the other hand we also have one in the nursery, this means when she is up there napping Arthur can bounce off the walls as much as he wants downstairs and she can’t hear him.

Now theres a few of these on the market, we have purchased cheaper versions but found they are not as good and always come back to this one.

Click here to see our Whoosh Machine


2) Robopax

Ever heard of a Robopax??? No neither had I, but boy am I glad I stumbled across this beauty of a machine. Every single one of my fiends who have children are insanely jealous of this machine. This beaut rocks at the same pace as a mothers heartbeat and can be used with all types or prams, pushchairs and strollers.

I used to use this for when I was taking the Arthur up to bed, I would place Hattie in her moses basket on this and leave her there knowing she was being slowly rocked to sleep whilst I read Arthur a bedtime story and spent some quality time with him.

It was also handy when I got in from the school run and she was asleep, I would wheel her in and place the pram on the Robopax and it would keep rocking her meaning she kept sleeping and got a decent kip.

Look at Robopax here

3) Swing Chair

For our first we had one of those bouncy chairs, you know the ones where you have to rest your foot on it whilst your eating/watching TV and slightly give it a shove to make it move? Well when you are running around after your oldest you need one of those things that moves itself.

This chair was a dream, it rocks from side to side, forward and back, it plays soothing sounds, vibrates and even has a light. Like, what more do you want from a chair. Again a life saver, when my 3 year old was hanging off me to run around with him or build his train set again I knew I could put her in here and she would be happy and content and the motion would also send her to sleep (Double bonus!!)

This one also doubles up as a chair, the seat comes off of the frame so you can then take her with you to what ever room you are in.

Click here to see the one we had

4) Perfect Prep Machine

Now I love this machine, it is just so handy and quick when you need a bottle, all it takes is two button presses and boom there is a bottle ready and raring to go. Thats not the reason why its on this list though.

The reason its here is for its portability. The last thing you want to be doing when your little one wakes up in the middle of the night is take them out of their room, take them downstairs to where the bottles are, nuke a bottle and then feed them. With a perfect prep you can take the machine up to wherever they are.

We have it set up on a tray with the tubs for formula and sterilised bottles. At bed time it goes up to bed with her ready for that night feed and during the day it comes downstairs and sits in the kitchen.

Now for pure laziness when she was in with us we would have her in her SnuzPod cot on one side of the bed and we have this machine on the other side of the bed on the bedside table so when she did wake up in the night we didn’t even have to get out of bed!

Click here to see

5) Nespresso Machine (Or something similar)

In the same aspect as the perfect prep machine being great at making bottles as you just need to press two buttons, my nespresso is almost as loved as the perfect prep machine as it just takes two buttons for me to enjoy a great coffee.

When you’ve had a rough night with the kids and they’ve played tag team at keeping you out of your bed, I could literally headbutt this machine and it would just give me the most beautiful smelling and tasting coffee that wasn’t boiling hot so could literally be chugged down before the kids started to hang off me.

Click here to see Nespresso

So yeah, thats it! My five essentials for surviving the upscaling of your family.

For more great info about the whole journey from pregnancy to bump to baby and beyond come join us at



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